How to Maintain Your Horse Trailer?

Taking care of your horse trailer is important to keep your horses safe and comfortable while they are being transported. Regular repair can also make your trailer last longer and be worth more when you want to sell it. It’s important to keep your horse trailer in great shape, whether it’s a simple float or one with living rooms. Here is a guide to taking care of your horse trailer using the best methods and advice from professionals in the field.

Performing Regular Inspections

Start with a Thorough Check-Up

A key part of good upkeep is doing regular checks. Every few months or before a long trip, give your trailer a full check. Check for damage like rust, wear and tear, or signs of being built wrong. The frame, wheels, and suspension will take most of the weight, so pay close attention to them.

Check the Flooring

One of the most important parts of your horse trailer is the floor. Take off the mats and look for rot or rust on the floor. A wooden floor should be checked for soft spots, and an aluminium floor should be checked for rust and cracks. A lot of problems can be avoided by keeping the floor clean and dry.

Taking care of Tyres

Inspect and Inflate Tyres Properly

Having good tyres is important for safety. Regularly check the tyre pressure and keep it at the amount advised by the maker. Check the tyres for cracks, bulges, and uneven wear, which can mean that the balance is off. Also, don’t forget to check the extra tyre.

Turn and Change the Tyres

Rotating your tyres can make sure they wear evenly and make them last longer. To avoid blowouts, tyres should be replaced every five to seven years, no matter how they look.

Test Lights and Connections for the Electrical System

Your trailer’s lights, brakes, and the link to the car you’re pulling are all powered by electricity. Check all of the lights, like the stop lights, turn signs, and inner lights, on a regular basis. Look for signs of damage or wear on the wires and make sure all the connections are tight and free of rust.

Clean and Grease up

Keep It Clean

Washing your trailer can help keep it from rusting. Pay close attention to the underside because that’s where dirt and road salt can build up. To keep your horses healthy and comfy, clean the inside well and get rid of any trash or waste.

Lubricate Moving Parts

To guarantee everything works smoothly, grease the trailer jack, the doors, and the locks. At least once a year, or as often as the maker says, lubricate the wheel bearings.

Safety Features 

Check the Safety Gear

Make sure that all safety gear, like emergency brakes, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, is in good working order and easy to get to. Check the brakes on the trailer often and repair any old parts right away.

These helpful tips from Eurofloat will give you more information on how to load and unload your horses safely.

Closing Remarks

For the safety of your horses and the life of your purchase, you must regularly upkeep your horse trailer. By doing regular checks, taking care of the tyres, making sure the power system works, and keeping your trailer clean and oiled, you can make sure that your horses have a safe and comfortable trip. Those who are looking to buy horse trailers and floats for sale should keep these care tips in mind.

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